Are you also spending much screen time ?

As per report on newspaper every smart phone user spending average time 3-6 hour on internet, mine time is 9 hour 😅 if I go to calculate the screen time on phone the calculation will be 5 hour x 30 days = 150 hour 150 hours x 12 month = 1800 hours 1800 hours x 10 years = 18000 hours if I divide 18000 hours into days the answer will be 750 days it’s very bad to know that our whole life is happening over on mobile phone and other gadgets.

Just imagine that we have got this human birth very hard after millions of births and we are wasting our precious time on social media and games. For example I see my mother who is playing games on the phone till 11 pm, there was a time when my mother used to go to the neighbor’s house and talk a lot invite relatives for dinner at home they also invite us. It feels so good to remember that time.

I want to get back that time which is impossible today. There was so much peace at that time but today I feel that the mobile is digging the pit of death for itself. Today’s technology has locked us in the house no one comes out of the house, nowadays everyone likes to talk limited, few years ago, there was no end of talk. I don’t get to see that true smile on everyone which was in past.

I see a lack of faith in people’s religion, karma and faith due to heavy usage of smart phone. Before independence of India was ruled by Mughal, British and many other rulers but now mobile phone and gadgets ruling our life, the phone gadgets have created the blockage in our life growth. Exploring the world to get real knowledge is better than getting some knowledge on smart phone as it doesn’t create any memories, in old age period, we remember memories not screen time memories on social media.

Just spend a day without smart phone, you can take keypad mobile if you feel it necessary to make calls….. i guarantee you will get real life back.

Love is with the soul, not with the body, what is with the body is only attraction, what is with the soul is eternal love. What lasts longer? Or wait what’s temporary? Yes, you guessed it right, flesh and blood will turn into soil one day, the only soul will last longer. People remember your devil or angel spirit, not the flesh you had.

love means if I love you, I don’t want any return. Still, I love you. You may ill treat me. You may badly treat me. You neglect me. Still, I love you. There is no question of return from you. That is real love. That you cannot find in this material world. Because it is based on sense gratification, therefore there is love between a boy and girl, The boy wants to enjoy the girl, the girl wants to enjoy the boy, Love is not like that. Love means, “I enjoy or not enjoy, I love you. some types of love are like this – i love you because you look beautiful, I love you because you are very rich and that is going on in love.

A young men loves a young woman for his sense gratification, not for her sense gratification. Similarly she also. So in this material, this cheating is going on. I want to satisfy my lusty desires, but it is going on in the name of love. and as soon as there is little discrepancy, there is divorce. They are separated. Because the whole principle was on the basis of lust. There cannot be any love in this material world. Because love is between spirit and spirit. But if we try to love the Supreme Spirit, then we shall understand how our love can be spread in the spiritual world.

The senses, the hands, the nose, the sense organs, and everything is there, but now he cannot enjoy. The dead body, it cannot enjoy. Why? This requires intelligence

Every one of us is searching after happiness, but we do not know what is real happiness. The real happiness is, hint of real happiness,What is that real happiness? Happiness we feel through our senses. Because material, dead stone, has no sense—therefore dead stone cannot feel happiness or distress. Now, this consciousness, the developed consciousness, feels happiness and distress more than undeveloped consciousness.

Just like the trees. The trees, they have got also consciousness, but it is not developed consciousness. Therefore the trees are standing on the road or anywhere, but they have no sense of feeling the misery. Now, suppose a human being is asked to stand like the tree, at least for three days. Oh, it will be impossible for him, because he cannot tolerate such kind of misery.

So therefore conclusion is that every living entity feels the pleasure and happiness according to the developed consciousness of his being. Similarly, the happiness which we are feeling now in the material mixture, that is not real happiness. That is not real happiness. If you ask the tree, “Are you feeling happy?” the tree will say: “Yes. I am feeling happy standing here the whole year, and the wind and snowfall I am enjoying very much.” Oh. You see? So that sort of happiness the tree may enjoy. But you are human being. You will say, “Oh, this is the standard of his enjoyment.”

So, similarly, there are different kinds and different grades of living entities. Their standard of feeling happiness and miseries are also different grades. Animal. In the animal kingdom, they have no sense. One animal is being slaughtered; the other animal is seeing. Because he has no knowledge, the next turn is he is being turned . . . being slaughtered, but he is chewing some grass. He is happy. He is thinking that, “I am happy.” Next moment it will be slaughtered, but he does not know. So these are all different grades of happiness.

One has to be intelligent. If you want to enjoy life, then you must be intelligent also. Just like the animals, they are not intelligent enough; therefore they cannot enjoy life as a human being can, standard.

Now, just take the example of a dead man. The senses, the hands, the nose, the sense organs and everything is there, but now he cannot enjoy. The dead body, it cannot enjoy. Why? This requires intelligence. Why the dead body cannot enjoy? What is the difference? The body is lying there. The hands and the nose and the legs and the eyes and all other sense organs are there. But why the dead body cannot enjoy? That requires intelligence. That means that the enjoying energy, the spiritual spark, that has gone away. Therefore it has no power to enjoy.

Then, if you make advance further with intelligence, then you will understand that actually the body was not enjoying, but that little spark, spiritual spark, that was enjoying, not this body. This requires little intelligence. I am thinking that, “I am enjoying with my sense organs,” but you are not enjoying. The real . . . real enjoyer is that small spiritual spark within you. That spiritual spark has got the potency of enjoyment, but that is not being manifested on account of being covered by this material tabernacle, and therefore this enjoyment is not perfect.

The animal propensity – he is seeing his wife daily naked, and still he is going to see naked dance, and paying some fees. Because they have no engagement except this animalism. Is it not?

Animal…, there are different types of animals. Tigers and lions, they are ferocious animal. But you live in the animal society. So animal society, some…, another animal comes as very ferocious, that is not very astonishing. After all, you are living in animal society. So you become human being, ideal.

If some ferocious animal comes out, so where is the astonishment? After all, it is animal society. Either a tiger comes or elephant comes, they are all animals, that’s all. But you don’t become animal. Counteract. That is required. Then after… A human being is called rational animal. If you come to the rationality, that is required. If you remain also another animal, another type of animal, that will not help you. You have to become actually human being. But You have to… These people, they have no aim of life. What is the aim of human…, they do not know. So their animal propensities are being adjusted this way, that way, this way, that way.

Just like they go to see naked dance. The animal propensity—he is seeing his wife daily naked, and still he is going to see naked dance, and paying some fees. Because they have no engagement except this animalism. Is it not? So what is the use of going to see another woman naked? You are seeing every day, every night, your wife naked. Why you are… Because they have no other engagement, the animals.

That a dog, it does not know what is the taste. He is simply chewing the one bone, this way, that way, this way, that way. Because he is animal. He has no other engagement. So this whole society is animal. Especially the Westerners. And they have developed a civilization on that animal propensities, means “I am this body, and the best use of my life is to gratify senses.” This is animal. “I am this body.” Body means the senses. “And to satisfy the senses is the highest perfection.” This is their civilization.

So you have to introduce real human civilization. You should not be surprised an animal, in different shapes, in different capacity, comes out. After all, he is an animal. The basic principle is animalism. Because he is thinking, “I am this body…” As the dog is thinking, “I am dog, very stout and strong dog,” so another man is thinking, “I am big nation.” But what is the basic principle? A dog is also thinking on the basis of his body, and this big nation is also thinking on the basis of body. So there is no difference between this dog and this big nation.

The only difference is that human being, by nature’s gift, he got better senses. So… And he has no power, or there is no education to utilize the better senses, how to advance spiritually and get out of this material world. That he has no sense. He is simply using that better intelligence for animalism. This is the meaning. He has no education how to utilize the better intelligence. Therefore he is utilizing only in animalism. And people all over the world, when they see the Westerners, “They are advanced.” What is that? Advancing in animalism. Basic principle remains the animalism. They become surprised. They also imitate. So they are expanding animalism, animal civilization. Now we have to counteract for the benefit of the human civilization.

Last life, I had some body, but I cannot say what kind of body I had. Of course, there is science, astronomy and other things. They can speak, but I don’t believe it. Or even if I believe, what can I do with that?

The enjoyable is this matter, this material world, and the living entities, they are trying to enjoy. They are not actually enjoyer. They are suffering. They are becoming entangled because by this enjoying spirit we are developing different types of mentality, and at the time of death, according to that mentality, I get the next body. That means by this enjoying spirit I am getting entangled. I am not becoming free. If at the time of, if I live like dogs, dog mentality, then naturally at the time of death my mentality will be like a dog and naturally I get a dog’s body. Then I enjoy. The dog is also enjoying. They forget. The animals… The ant is also enjoying…..

The so-called scientists, they do not know that the consciousness is eternal and it carries me to another body. “I see that this body is destroyed; therefore finish, all finished.” No. You have got practical experience. When you sleep, the body does not work but the consciousness works. You therefore dream in a different atmosphere. You get a different body and enjoy differently.

Every day we have got experience. At night I forget this body, and daytime, I forget the dreaming body. So this is also dreaming, at daytime, because I forget. At night I saw that I was a king, I was ruling over somebody, or I was lecturing as a political leader, and daytime I see that I am a clerk, neither politician nor king. So I forget the night’s body, and at night I forget the day’s body. Just like we create favorable circumstances to enjoy even in this life.

Why this struggle for existence? We are trying to make a favorable condition for enjoyment. This is struggle for existence. Nobody is satisfied with the present position. Everyone is struggling hard. But he does not know that any material arrangement, according to my intelligence, will never make me happy. That we do not know. Just like a gang of thieves.

A gang of thieves, after plundering booties from some gentleman’s house, they came outside the village, and they were dividing. So one of the thieves is saying, “Sir, let us divide it honestly. Let us divide the booty honestly.” Now, their basic principle is dishonesty, and now they want to divide honestly. So all these rascals, politicians, they are all dishonest, and they are trying to make adjustment honestly. Honestly. What is this honesty? There cannot be honesty.

Anyone who is not a devotee of the Lord, he cannot be possessing any good qualities. That is not possible. He must be dishonest if he is a not devotee of the Lord. He must be dishonest.

If a human being also does not understand that how this body is moving, neither they can discover what it is, then what is this? It may be very so-called decoration of the body. A decoration of the dead body, what is the profit thereof

If you decorate a dead body, it may be very fanciful to the people, that “This dead body is decorated with costly garments and flowers and all things.” So, but the dead body is dead. It is not enjoying. You can be complacent that “My father, the body of my father or my relative, is decorated so nicely.” But factually, if you study scrutinizingly, what is the benefit out of this? What is the benefit? Dead body decoration? But people do that. They are accustomed to do that.

So similarly, this body is dead. That’s a fact. It is dead from the very beginning. Because it is matter. Matter is always dead. So this body made of matter, earth, water, fire, air. This external body is dead, but it is living on account of that small spark of spirit. That is the real meant.

According to Vedic knowledge, if one is misguided on the bodily identification of ourself, he is animal. He is animal. He may be Ph.D., D.H.C. or something, but he is animal. Because he does not know how the body is moving. And neither they can discover anything. When the body is dead… It is dead from the very beginning, but it was moving. Just like so long petrol is there, the motorcar moves. But as soon as there is… Now there is crisis. So how their motorcars will move? They are concerned. So why their crisis? Because the petrol is the life of the movement of the motorcar. Similarly, that spiritual spark, or spirit soul, is the petrol of this body.

So without knowledge of this, just like cats and dogs, they cannot understand how he is moving. That he does not know. If a human being also does not understand that how this body is moving, neither they can discover what it is, then what is this? It may be very so-called decoration of the body. A decoration of the dead body, what is the profit thereof? If you do not know what is the real living force within this body, then if you simply decorate the body, dead body, you may get some applause from ordinary men, but it has no value. It has no value.

So big scientist, so philosophers or politician and… You can say anything. But without that soul, this body is useless, dead body, and you can give all titles, Ph.D, D.H.C., they are all useless. Suppose a man is dead and from Oxford University somebody comes, “Now I give you Ph.D. title,” what is the use? Suppose a beautiful woman attracted so many people. Now, when she is dead, if she is offered, “Now you can take this body. You can use it as you…,” nobody will like. Why? The same beautiful lying on the… Why don’t you take it now? You were after her so many… “No. It is no, no more useful. No more useful.” Everyone knows it.

There is a story that one beautiful woman was hunted by another man. So he was wooing, canvassing, but she was chaste lady. But… She did not agree. But that man was after her. So one day she said, “All right, you come to me three days after. I will accept you.” So on the third day he (she) took purgative, a very strong purgative, and passed stools whole day and night, and he (she) kept those all those stools, stools and vomit and everything, kept in a very good preserver. Then third day, when the man came, she was sitting, and he was asking, “Where is that woman?” “No, I am the same woman. You don’t recognize me?” “No, no, you are… She… She was so beautiful, and you, you are ugly.” “No, no, I am the same. You do not know.” “Then how you look so ugly?” “Because I have separated my beauty.” “You have separated your beauty?” “Yes, I will show you. Come here. Come here. The stool and the vomit are all stocked for you to show you.” But actually, it is very knowledge, very good knowledge.

Why the Chinese or the Indians should be congested, overpopulation? But they will not allow.

There is no scarcity. God has created this world in such a way that there is no question of starvation in any part of the world. There is no question.

There is no question of starvation. But because we have rebelled against the principle of universal brotherhood we are all suffering. there are ample space. There is no question of scarcity.

I am traveling all over the world. So much space lying vacant in America, in Africa, Australia. Why the Chinese or the Indians should be congested, overpopulation? But they will not allow.

“It is my country.” “Have you got visa?” immigration. “Yes, I have got.” “All right, three months. Then get out.” This is going on. Because they are rascals, they are falsely claiming, “This is my country. This is my property. Nobody can come here.” This is a dog’s philosophy. Just like the dogs. They have selected one neighborhood, and three, four dogs, they live peacefully. Not peacefully—they also fight amongst them. But if another dog comes, immediately the four, five dogs will attack: “Why you have come here? Why you have come here? Gow! Gow! Gow!”

I am one day old means I have died one day. I am twenty-one years old means I have already died twenty -one years.

As soon as birth is taken, the material world is there; we forget. Immediately, father, mother, other relatives, they take up the child and pats very nice. So in this way we forget that we were in such a precarious condition, almost suffocating.

Almost it is suffocating. After coming out from the womb of the mother, if you are packed up again in such airtight bag, within three seconds you will die. We live under the protection of the Supreme Lord; otherwise that is not a living condition.

Just imagine within the womb. So this we forget, and being taken care of, affectionate father and mother, on the lap, we think life is very nice, this life. But this is illusion.

To take birth, is very, very unpleasant task. It is blazing fire, So if we can cleanse our heart during this life . . . this is that opportunity. It is not possible . . . when I take birth as an animal, cats and dogs, that is not possible. But as I have got now this human form of body, we should not be again misled.

If we can cleanse our heart, then this blazing fire of repetition of birth and death can be extinguished.

But the illusory energy is so strong that we forget our last death-time miseries. At the time of death we suffer very much, so that . . . just imagine, when we give up our life, how much difficult position at that time.

So we forget birth and death. As soon as there is birth, there is death also. Death means . . . the more you are advancing in age, that means you’re dying. You are advancing in death. The child is born . . . “When this child is born?” “Just yesterday.” That means he has already died one day.

So in this way, death is progressing. As soon as there is birth, the death is there immediately, side by side. I am one day old means I have died one day. I am twenty-one years old means I have already died twenty one-years. Suppose I live, say, fifty years, sixty years. So I have already died twenty -one years. So death is sure.

They say, “We are advancing.” What is that advancement? Death is sure. You cannot control birth. Birth, death, old age . . . you cannot stop old age. And disease. You can manufacture nice medicine, but you cannot stop disease.

So we have become steel-hearted, steel-framed heart. We do not consider all these things. These are practical. And still, we are under the impression that we are advancing in material civilization. So we are advancing in the art of cutting stone and wood, that’s all. This is our advancement. Just like in your country, within two months they can build one wood house. Means expert in cutting wood.

This is advancement: wood-cutter, stone-cutter. But we are not meant for cutting wood and stone. We are meant for understanding our spiritual identity. There are many birds, the wood-cutter bird. So that is not very expert manifestation of our intelligence. So this cleansing of heart will be possible by chanting the name of Lord

Anything, any spiritual process, is meant for cleansing the heart. the ultimate goal is that cleansing the heart. At the present moment I am under misconception, dirty things accumulated on my heart that, “I am this body,” and therefore I do not try to realize that I am soul, and under bodily concept of life . . . as the animals they are also in bodily concept of life, they are busy eating, sleeping, mating and defending, similarly, human civilization has become like animals.

They are interested only in eating, sleeping, mating and defense. That’s all. But that is not our position. It is a chance to get out of the entanglement of birth, death, old age and disease.

I am helping. I am asking people to become God conscious. But if you refuse to become God conscious how can I help you?

Now just try to understand Christian religion is good, provided the followers of the Christian actually follow. But they are not following. They are not following. They are simply artificially stamping, “I am Christian.” In the Christian religion the first order is thou shall not kill.” But the Christians are very expert in killing.

So who is Christian? First of all let me see. Their First Commandment is, Lord Jesus Christ, that “Thou shall not kill.” Now, every one is killing and still he is Christian. So this kind of Christian religion, or Hindu religion, what will be the benefit? If you don’t follow, simply you stamp yourself that “I am Christian,” “I am Hindu,” “I am Muslim…” That is going on. Nobody is Christian.

Nobody is Hindu. Nobody is Muslim. Everyone is demon. Everyone is demon. That is our proposal. There is no Christian, there is no Hindu, there is no Muslim. That is our proposal.

Christian religion or Hindu religion or Muslim religion, there may be different religions, but what is the aim of religion? That you should understand. The aim of religion is to know God. If you profess some religion, but if I ask you what is God, if you cannot explain, then what is the use of your becoming religious?

Probably none. But people like to have, or seem to like to have a religion. They don’t like. They don’t like God. They don’t like God. As soon as somebody speaks of God, “They say they are crazy.” So actually there is no Christian, no Hindu, no Muslim. All demons. That’s all.

If you are really Christian, that is all right. But you are not Christian because you are violating the orders of Lord Jesus Christ. Lord Jesus Christ sacrificed his life and he says that he atoned for your sins, but you are not stopping your sinful life, and still you are claiming to be Christian.

The fun is going on. Actually there is no Christian. Otherwise Christian religion is very nice religion.

When I say, “Do you know what is God?” you say, “No.” When I present God, you say, “Why shall I accept? It is your God.” At least we have got some God. But you know, do not know what is God. So my position is better than you.

“Now, what kind of body you are going to accept? There are 8,400,000 varieties of” There is the indication that after death we have to accept another body. Is it not

First of all you must know what is harmonization. Harmonization means that this material life means bodily concept of life. This is material life. “I am this body.” Generally people think like that: “I am Indonesian.” “I am American.” “I am Hindu.” “I am Muslim.” And they take care of the country where he’s born but this conception, bodily conception of life, has made the whole human society like cats and dogs. “It is my land. It is my…” Just like a dog.

As soon as another dog comes. “Bark, bark, bark, bark. Why you have come here? Why you have come here.” So this, this kind of harmonization is dog civilization.

“After using this body, from childhood to youth and to old age and afterwards changes into another body. He who is wise, will not be, will not be disturbed.” Now, here is the indication that after death we have to accept another body. Is it not?

Now, what kind of body you are going to accept? There are 8,400,000 varieties of bodies. Is it not?

There are forms of body in the water, in the land, so many trees, plants and there are so many insects, reptiles. Then birds, then there are beasts, then there are human being. So there are 8,400,000 forms of body. Here it is indicated that after giving up this body, the soul is going to accept another body. Now the human civilization, is it not duty of the human society to know what kind of body I am going to accept?

So, suppose after this body, on account of my sinful activities, I am going to become a rat or cat or snake or a tree, then what is the use of my so much, how you’d say, jumping over nationalism and this ism and that.

If by nature I am going to accept next life the body of a cat and dog, or a tree, then what is the meaning of my, this so-called nationality at the present moment? Is it not the duty of the guardians who are taking care of the people or their son, to educate human being in such a way that they can get better body? What is that education? You are darkness, nobody knows what kind of body he’s going to accept next life.

At least we can start from living moral life. But they’re not living, they’re not living. They are doing all kinds of sinful activities, they are drinking, they’re gambling, they’re killing animals. Very sin… Everyone is engaged in these things. Maybe few percentage people are not engaged.

But the throughout the whole world they’re implicated in these four kinds of sinful activities. How you can expect that he’s going to have next body very nice? No. That is not possible if you believe in karma. According to karma… Just like here in the human society there is law that if you kill a man, you should be also killed. Similarly, in God’s laws so the same law is there.

If I eat an animal then he will have the chance to eat me next life. This is karma. Who is caring for all these things? Who is caring? Nobody’s caring. They’re slaughtering animals like anything. So this kind of adjustment will not help. They must know scientifically what is the value of life. They must take information from authorized scriptures. Then the human society will be profitable. Otherwise no.

Just like there is next life, a boy is educated to have good education so that in the next life—means when he’s young man—he will be happy. He’s preparing for the next life. The boy is being educated. That means he’s preparing for the next youthful life. Youthful life is meant for preparation for the next old age life. Then what we are preparing now for the next body?