We can produce material atomic bombs but not the spiritual spark of life.

Today, the whole world is mad after the culture of knowledge in relation to temporary arrangements for the gross material body and the subtle material mind. But more important than the body and mind is the spirit, which has been set aside without any proper culture of knowledge. As a result, the darkness of nescience has overshadowed the world and has brought about great unrest, disturbance, and distress. How long can one enjoy external happiness? It is like soaping the outer garments without putting any nourishment into the stomach.

But this eternal truth, the indestructible spirit, does exist as the living entity in each and every body. He is very minute and is finer than the finest atom. Learned experts have attempted to make a measurement of this living spirit. They say that the living spirit, the soul proper, can be measured approximately as one ten-thousandth part of the tip of a hair.

This living spirit remains within the body just like a tiny dose of a potent medicine: the soul spreads its presence all over the body. And thus, we can understand, the sensitivity we experience to even the slightest touch on any part of the body is due to the spreading of this living spirit throughout the body. But when this minute quantity of living spark is gone from the body, the body lies dead, prostrate, and it cannot feel the slightest pain—even if hacked by an ax.

That this minute living spark, the spirit, is not a material thing is proved by the fact that no material scientist has ever been able to create the living spark by any combination or quantity of material substances. Experienced material scientists have been obliged to accept the fact that the living spark cannot be duplicated by material science. Whatever can be created by the manipulation of matter is destructible and temporary. In contrast, the living spark is indestructible, precisely because it can never be constructed by any combination or quantity of matter.

There is much advancement of material science all over the world, but regrettably, these advanced scientists have made no attempt to understand the living spark, the spirit, which is always the most important subject. This is our gross ignorance. This is our helplessness.

the brilliant brain substance of each of them stopped working utterly, as soon as this little spark of living substance separated from their respective bodies. If it were possible to create this living substance by chemical or physical combination or permutation of matter, then surely some disciple or other of these great scientists would have brought them back to life and would thus have prolonged their scientific contribution to the world. But no material scientist can create the living spark by any material arrangement, and those who say they can do so in the future are the greatest of fools and hypocrites. The living spirit is eternal—he has no end and no beginning and thus can never be created by any method whatsoever. After all, it is within our experience that every created thing is subject to annihilation. The eternality of the spirit soul is proved through its noncreatability by material means.

When there are ample earthly flats to lie on, what is the necessity of cots and beds? When one can use his own arms, what is the necessity of a pillow? When one can use the palms of his hands, what is the necessity of varieties of utensils? When there is ample covering, or the skins of trees, what is the necessity of clothing?

The necessities of life for the protection and comfort of the body must not be unnecessarily increased. Human energy is spoiled in a vain search after such illusory happiness. If one is able to lie down on the floor, then why should one endeavor to get a good bedstead or soft cushion to lie on? If one can rest without any pillow and make use of the soft arms endowed by nature, there is no necessity of searching after a pillow.

If we make a study of the general life of the animals, we can see that they have no intelligence for building big houses, furniture, and other household paraphernalia, and yet they maintain a healthy life by lying down on the open land. They do not know how to cook or prepare foodstuff, yet they still live healthy lives more easily than the human being. This does not mean that human civilization should revert to animal life or that the human being should live naked in the jungles without any culture, education and sense of morality. An intelligent human cannot live the life of an animal; rather, man should try to utilize his intelligence in arts and science, poetry and philosophy. In such a way he can further the progressive march of human civilization.

the reserve energy of human life, which is far superior to that of animals, should simply be utilized for self-realization. Advancement of human civilization must be towards the goal of establishing our lost relationship with God, which is not possible in any form of life other than the human. One must realize the nullity of the material phenomenon, considering it a passing phantasmagoria, and must endeavor to make a solution to the miseries of life.

I am actually seeing how a rich man, who is a victim of his senses, is very greedy to accumulate wealth, and therefore suffers from insomnia due to fear from all sides, despite his wealth and opulence.

Greedy capitalists accumulate wealth under so many miserable conditions, the result being that because they collect money by questionable means, their minds are always agitated. Thus they are unable to sleep at night, and they have to take pills for mental tranquillity to invite sleep. And sometimes even the pills are a failure.

Consequently the result of having accumulated money by so much labor is certainly not happiness, but only distress. What is the value of acquiring a comfortable position if one’s mind is always disturbed?

“I am suffering from the poisonous effect of material enjoyment. Thus my heart is always burning and is almost on the verge of failure.” The result of the greedy capitalist’s unnecessary accumulation of wealth is that he must suffer from a blazing fire of anxiety and always be concerned with how to save his money and invest it properly to get more and more.

Such a life is certainly not very happy, but because of the spell of the illusory energy, materialistic persons engage in such activities.

Uncontrolled, sensuous persons play with the assets of the body and accumulate wealth. But the strength of the body should be used for self-realization, not for sense gratification.

Human beings have two kinds of temperament. Some are introspective, and the others are extravagant. Those who are extravagant are enamored of the external features of phenomenal beauty and have no insight into the whole manifestation. They are practically asleep to introspection, and thus they are unable to derive any permanent value from the assets of the human form of body. But one who has developed introspection is as grave as the sea. While those who are extravagant are calm and quiet in sleep, such grave persons use the full advantage of the human form of life.

Although the animal propensities of the body should be minimized, those who are extravagant temporarily overflow in material enjoyment. Nonetheless, as soon as the rainy season of life is over, they become as dry as dry river beds. Life is meant for the right cause, or sat—that which exists for all time. In the material world, nothing is sat, or eternal, but the bad bargain of the material world can be used for the best purpose. The mind dedicated to extravagance is a bad bargain, but one can make the best use of the mind by introspection.

Discretion is the better part of valor, and one must learn how to discriminate between actions which may be pleasing to the Lord and those which may not be pleasing to the Lord. An action is thus judged by the Lord’s pleasure or displeasure.

According to the anthropologists, there is nature’s law of struggle for existence and survival of the fittest. But they do not know that behind the law of nature is the supreme direction of the Supreme Personality of Godhead.

In the Bhagavad-gītā it is confirmed that the law of nature is executed under the direction of the Lord. Whenever, therefore, there is peace in the world, it must be known that it is due to the good will of the Lord. And whenever there is upheaval in the world, it is also due to the supreme will of the Lord. Not a blade of grass moves without the will of the Lord. Whenever, therefore, there is disobedience of the established rules enacted by the Lord, there is war between men and nations.

The surest way to the path of peace, therefore, is dovetailing everything to the established rule of the Lord. The established rule is that whatever we do, whatever we eat, whatever we sacrifice or whatever we give in charity must be done to the full satisfaction of the Lord. No one should do anything, eat anything, sacrifice anything or give anything in charity against the will of the Lord.

why one should keep away from drinking alcohol products.

The havoc alcohol consumption continues to create in human lives is not unknown. Besides all that we keep hearing, did you know that according to a report, just in road accidents alone, alcohol kills some 1.8 million people every year worldwide?

Studies suggest that depression, a serious mental disorder leading to suicides around the world has a direct link to drinking. This is because alcohol consumption decreases the serotonin levels in the brain and that triggers unexpected mood swings. Feeling dejected, aggressive, anxious, angry, etc. are some of the byproducts of drinking.

why then people still keep drinking?

It is understood that some people drink to forget themselves and others drink to show off. Nowadays alcohol consumption has become a status symbol and people are fooled into believing that by drinking they look wealthy and the more expensive wine you consume you are branded wealthier. This is plain nonsense but due to misleading propaganda and advertisements unfortunately this conception has found its place in our society.

Regardless of the reason one may drink, it quickly turns into an addition and reaches a stage from where the victim finds no return.

There are some attempts to prove that drinking in less quantity is fine. This is another misleading propaganda. The fact is, the alcohol industry is unable to deny the dangers of alcohol on human health, so instead of saying don’t drink, which means a huge financial loss for the industry, they publish paid research results that suggest that regulated drinking does not harm. Don’t buy their argument if you are serious about yours or your dear ones’ well being.

Alcohol has also been known to have a negative effect on one’s memory. Here’s what happens: right after you consume alcohol, it works to slow down the brain processes, thus affecting your short-term memory. But it doesn’t stop there. After you’ve consumed heavy amounts of alcohol, the brain stops recording memories into the long-term memory storage. It’s for this reason that you wake up the next day not remembering anything. Overtime, alcohol damages the brain cells that even when you’re not drinking, you’ll find it tough to remember where you’ve put your keys, what you did yesterday, or what you were going to do for that day.

Contrary to popular belief, drinking alcohol is not a way to “de-stress”. Instead of reducing stress, as what most people think, alcohol actually increases it. Yes, it’s true that a glass of wine can help you relax, but what it does in the long run is to shoot up your stress and anxiety levels. It does so by throwing the brain chemicals out of whack. It even contributes to depression, as mentioned early on.

To justify drinking, people may say that they don’t have any problem or that they don’t care about their health, but they must acknowledge that it is not only the drinkers who are at loss. All those who they deal with also get affected by this pitiably wrong habit or fashion. It is the duty of every responsible citizen to think not only of one’s own but also of others’ benefit. This makes saying no to alcohol an essential part of a civilized society.

Fake world

The sufferings are there, here or India or hell or heaven–anywhere within this material world–there is suffering. But people are so foolish that simply having a nice motorcar or a skyscraper building, he thinks “My all problems are solved.” He does not know that this life is a flash only. I am eternal.

One day comfort will be heavy on us

We are working. We are not sitting idle. Now, for our food, if we just get some food by plowing some land for the animal, cows, and for me, and the cow is giving me milk, the tree are giving me fruit, why shall I work so hard? The business of dogs and hogs, whole day and night simply working for getting food and sense gratification? That is not civilization. Live peacefully, get your nice food and save time to advance in spiritual life. This is civilization. And simply for little comfort for a few years I have wasted my time in so many humbug comforts. Actually, that is.. What is this comfort of the skyscraper building? I think it is a mechanical prison.